Public Affairs - Hwy 99 Tunnel

How have the two weeks without the viaduct affected you? Have you stayed and worked from home? Have you switched to mass transportation like buses or light rail? Maybe you dusted off your old bicycle? Or did you simply brave traffic as usual? Pedro and I have had no trouble so far. Our commute happens at around 4:30 in the morning and even if there have been a bit more cars on the roads, it's still light. Now, we live in Seatac, and we used to take the viaduct to get back home... Now we have to take I 5 and that's sketchy, we've had good and bad days there... I gotta say, I do miss the viaduct. Not just for the convenience, but also the beauty of driving on it. But there's no going back. We now have a brand-new tunnel, a 2-mile stretch of road under Downtown Seattle that runs from SoDo in the south to South Lake Union in the north. And there's a grand opening scheduled for next month. Pedro and I will be there. To talk about the old viaduct, the new tunnel and the festivities scheduled around it, we were recently joined by Steve Peer, Media & Construction Communications Manager for Washington State Department of Transportation, and Laura Newborn, Media relations, Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Program for Washington State Department of Transportation.



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