Carlos Dunlap on Coming Back and Russell Wilson

Carlos Dunlap, who returned to the Seattle Seahawks this off-season with a new contract, joined Dave Softy Mahler and Cam Cleeland on Thursday to discuss coming back to town and the Russell Wilson saga, including getting assurances that the quarterback will be around long-term.

"Him and P.C. [Pete Carroll] are joined at the hip, and P.C. signed up for more years, so I believe Russell will be there as long as P.C. will be there, and hopefully I get to partake too," Dunlap said.

The defensive end also discussed going from Cincinnati to Seattle last season, including how the NFC West stacks up to the AFC North, how he feels about now playing 17 games starting in the 2021 season, and much more. Listen to the full conversation below plus watch some highlights from his 2020 campaign!