20 In '20: #5 Tod Leiweke

Seattle Seahawks v Denver Broncos

Everyone seems to make their annual year-in-review lists. Not me. Time to look into the ol' crystal ball. Time to predict the future.

As we celebrate a new year in sports, I give you the 20 Seattle sports figures I predict we'll talking about most often in 2020...

20 In '20: #5 Tod Leiweke

The heavy lifting is over. Big money and good hockey people secured Seattle an NHL franchise scheduled to hit the ice in 2021. But something is going to occur this year that will have us all talking, and likely buying a shi*load of merchandise.

I have no idea what role Tod Leiweke will serve in the naming of the new franchise—perhaps none at all. But I had to put a face to this thing, and the team president seemed as good a face to choose as any.

Totems? Sockeyes? Kraken? At this point, I’ve grown weary of guessing. But like most of you (not going pretend to be as excited as ALL of you), I can’t wait to put a name to our new sports toy and see how she’s going to be painted.


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