U.S. Women's Team Draws Criticism after Blowout

The Women's World Cup just started and, in the United States, is already deep in controversy. How much scoring is too much scoring? Can they celebrate after scoring so many goals? The debate continues to rage on after the US Women's Team defeated Thailand 13-0 on Tuesday. Watch all 13 goals below and watch the celebrating as the score gets run-up.


All it takes is a simple Twitter search of "stop celebrating" to see people's outrage at the ladies for continuing to pour it on in what was their first game of the 2019 tournament and first action for many players at that highest level. For those who don't know, the U.S. Women's Team is regarded as the best in the world, having won the 2015 Cup in Canada. Megan Rapinoe, who also plays for Reign FC in Tacoma, responded to all the criticism...


Cliff Avril and Jason Puckett spent an hour on the topic on Wednesday discussing both sides of the argument, giving their opinions, and taking calls from people who share their thoughts on how the team beat down Thailand.



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