VIDEO: L.A. Pitcher Has F-Bomb Filled Rant On Mound, As Rays Beat The Shift

WATCH: L.A. pitcher Rich Hill clearly HATES the shift! After the Rays Ji-man Choi singled on a two-out bunt last night against Hill and the shift, the Dodgers pitcher lost his mind on the mound dropping a ton of F-Bombs and going on an epic rant in-game!

It was loud enough for everyone at Tropicana Field and watching on television to hear (Warning NSFW Language):

Other's noticed it too../

After the game he spoke to reporters and explained that he doesn't like it when the defense behind him shifts, because slugger are coming up w/ ways to work around it and find success...

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts also spoke to media Post Game and said that he’s had conversations about the shift with Hill, but that the pitcher just has selective memory about the plays that don’t work...

Yikes, unfortunately for Hill, the shift isn't going anywhere.

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