Earl Thomas' Message to Seahawks Fans

It has been an interesting six months for Earl Thomas. From missing the playoffs for only the second time in his career, to telling Jason Garrett that the Cowboys should go get him if he becomes a free agent, to seeing his Legion of Boom brother Richard Sherman join the San Francisco 49ers, there have been some highs and some deep lows. Over the weekend, Earl tweeted out a letter to Seattle Seahawks fans about his desire to stay in the Northwest.


"I want to be a Seahawk...My wife does not want to be anywhere else." Those are some lovely and reassuring comments from #29, yes, but does it outweigh this moment in Dallas?


Whether you want the team to keep Earl or trade him this off-season, imagine not having #29 at safety next season for the Seahawks. Hard to say the defense is better is any way without him. And the Seahawks are still trying to win the Super Bowl, right?


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