This wreck happened in May, but the details are just now beoming public, and they are terrible.

Truck driver Jorge Espinoza was driving an empty tanker down Highway 8 in Yuma County (Phoenix), when he crashed into three police cars and two fire department trucks, killing an Arizona Department of Public Safety officer.

Espinoza claimed that he was looking in his mirrors to try and pass another truck at the time of the crash.  The video shows no such truck that Espinoza was trying to pass, nor does it show him checking his mirrors.  Instead, we see his face obstructed by his wallet, propped up against the dash cam that he knew was there.

Espinoza was driving 65 mph with the cruise control on when the wreck happened.  Information from his phone - a White Galaxy 3 that can be seen flying across the cab when the wreck happened - shows that Espinoza was actually using the internet at the time of the crash He was reportedly looking at photos of women on Facebook.

Investigators concluded: "Espinoza would have been able to perceive the danger in the roadway and not cause the death of Officer Tim Huffman, endangered the lives of 11 other emergency responders and destroyed six vehicles, including a new semi-tractor and trailer owned by his employer, if he had not chosen to distract himself while accessing Facebook from his cellular telephone while operating his assigned commercial vehicle."

Facebook.  He was looking at Facebook when he took someone's life.

Facebook posts aren't worth the risk.  Text messages aren't worth the risk.  Getting the right song to play on your stereo is not worth the risk.  NOTHING is worth the risk.  Not even a "quick" message to someone.  If something is urgent, pull over and send a text.  It's not hard - and FYI, it's the LAW.  In Washington state, it is not legal to 'use' your phone while operating a moving motor vehicle.  Don't hold it.  Don't text on it.

Don't look at Facebook.

Recently, I've heard a bunch of people say that they use their phone at red lights "because it's so much safer."  Newsflash: IT'S NOT ANY SAFER.  What if you don't see someone barreling through the intersection at you?  What if you don't see a jogger running through the intersection while your light turns green and you start to move forward?  What if you don't see someone pushing a stroller through the intersection and you don't realize that you've taken your foot off the brake?

If you are behind the wheel and your car is turned on, DO NOT use your cell phone.  It's the law, and it's there to keep everyone safe.

After all, someone's LIFE and well being is worth a lot more than your Facebook post.

*gets off soap box*