We are compiling some of the best quotes from state & national officials as well as loal media regarding the collapse of the Skagit River Bridge.  While we are not trying to make light of the situation, we also recognize humor when we see it.  Keep in mind, these are quotes given during press conferences, news interviews, etc. and are meant to be serious.......enjoy.....

Gov Inslee - "we want to discourage drivers from crashing their trucks into state bridges."........apparently that needed to be said.

Another quote from Inslee  "we are focused like laser beams on detours at the moment."....would saying "we are very focused on detours" not have gotten the point across. All I can think of is Dr. Evil and Sharks with fricking laser beams on their heads...

Here is another gem from Debbie Hersman, Chairman of NTSB, they "don't expect Interstate bridges to drop into the water below them." Seems that would be the purpose of a bridge.....to remain intact, above the water.....

According to the DOT;  "to clarify, functionally obsolete doesn't have anything to do with structural integrity".......but it doesn't sound good

Unnamed reporter asked a witness who was looking at the bridge- When you look up at the bridge right now; what do you think? The witness' response, well, I think it's gone. To which the reporter then asked if she goes over the bridge often.  The witness then said, yeah, I drive over it everyday.  The reporter's last question was this; are you worried about driving over that bridge right now? The witness' response; it's not there.

Another unnamed reporter asked a bystander and his son if they were thankful to not be on the bridge.......you can't make this stuff up.

 Q13 Anchor declares ‘All Hands on Dick’ Situation at Skagit Bridge Collapse...simple slip of the tongue, but it's still funny.

One thing we have learned is that social media & the desire to be first to report something causes incorrect information to be reported without confirmation; here are some examples:

A news outlet reported witnesses saw a blanket being placed over what could have been a body; this was actually a person who was rescued with a thermal blanket on them.

Other sources reported that there were bodies floating down the river.....it was the inside of a mattress........

Now, just for fun, here are some gems from our favorite tweeter @alexssn

Screw that. Go hard! RT : 'we want to discourage drivers from crashing their trucks into state bridges."

No, but seriously, maybe don't crash your trucks into bridges.

Let's go bridgeless. Ballsy tactic, but it just may work. RT DOT: No intent at this time to rebuild the entire bridge

We could also just post a sign on I-5 that reads, "Gap ahead. It's really not that big of a gap. Don't bitch out."

And this delight from one of Alex's disciples (aka) followers,  @A_Dollar_Short to  "bridges are the number 1 cause of bridge failure, eliminating a threat by going bridgeless"

On a side note; Google maps is now missing a chunk of I-5 over Skagit River. They're quick!!