(Before we begin... Ignore my crazy hair malfunction.  Next time I'm on TV - if I am lucky enough to have that happen! - I'll definitely make sure I don't have renegade pieces of hair all over the place.  Aaaaanyway...)...  


Here is the video from my appearance on New Day Northwest this morning!  I was there with the Washington President of AT&T, Bob Bass, to talk about the dangers of texting while driving.  It was so awesome to be able to chat about this with Margaret Larson, the host of New Day. 

This is something the Traffic Divas take very seriously, and we definitely want you to consider taking the It Can Wait pledge, and LIVING the pledge by never texting and driving.  We want you to be as safe as possible while out on the road, and that means hanging up the phone and focusing on driving!  No text is worth somenoe's life... #ItCanWait.

The facts are alarming.  Over 100,000 accidents every year include a person who was texting when the accident occured.  When you text while you drive, your chance of ending up in an accident multiplies 23 TIMES. Forty-three percent of teens and 49% of adults self report that they text while they drive.  The crazy thing is that almost all of those that admit to texting while driving also call it "dangerous."  So... why are we doing this?  Look back at the texts on your phone... are those messages really worth someone's life?

Hang up the phone and focus on driving and keeping everyone safe.  Check out the video below to see me and Bob chat about the dangers of texting and driving, what AT&T is doing about it, and what YOU can do to help the epidemic.

Check out the video below!