Puck - We talked about this on the show on Tuesday, but I think it's worth putting down in print.  I was a little surprised that the Seahawks were favored in every game last season, with the exception of two...Now, can you quickly, without looking down, guess the two games???

Here is the list from last season: 

@Carolina -3
Santa Clara -2
Jacksonville -19.5
@Houston -1.5
@Indianapolis -3
Tennessee -12.5
@Arizona -5.5
@ St. Louis -14
Tampa Bay -16
@Atlanta -3.5
Minnesota -13
New Orleans -6.5
@ San Francisco +2.5
New York Giants -9
Arizona -9
St. Louis -12


New Orleans -9
San Francisco -3.5
Denver +2.5 

So, it begs the question, how many games will they be favored this year and how many games will they be the underdogs?  Just quickly going through this years schedule, here is what I came up with...But, what the hell do I know! However, I do know a guy, "Puck the Picker" that, at times, is pretty good at this type of stuff!

Green Bay - Favorite 
@ San Diego - Favorite
Denver - Favorite 
@ Washington - Favorite 
Dallas - Favorite 
@ St. Louis - Favorite 
@ Carolina - Favorite 
Oakland - Favorite 
New York Giants - Favorite 
@ Kansas City - Underdog 
Arizona - Favorite 
@San Francisco - Underdog 
@Philadelphia - Favorite 
San Francisco - Favorite 
@Arizona - Favorite 
St. Louis - Favorite