(Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

By Nate Hanson, Sports Radio KJR

Its Independence Day eve, which means the barge on Lake Union is filling up with fireworks for tomorrow’s festivities. Jason Puckett posed the question: What in the sports world would you put on the Sports Radio KJR barge? (No, we’re not actually blowing these people up.)

Puckett expected Howard Lincoln and Chuck Armstrong to win the contest. The obvious winner of the 49451 and 2869595 lines was David Stern. Congratulations, Commissioner Stern! Your retirement is coming a little bit early on the Sports Radio KJR barge.

Lincoln and Armstrong did get some votes. Puckett put MLB’s wild card playoff spots on the barge. Ashley Ryan added the final 31 seconds of the Seahawks-Falcons playoff game. Curtis Crabtree decided his golf swing and the Oakland Coliseum are more suited for the epic explosion.

Other vote-getters included: Clay Bennett, Howard Schultz, Kevin Johnson, Chone Figgins, Bill Bavasi, the referees from Super Bowl XL, the 49ers NFC Championship trophy, Aaron Hernandez’ jersey, conference realignment, the possession arrow rule in college basketball and Manti Teo’s girlfriend.

There is always room for more! This needs to be the most jaw-dropping explosion in the sports radio world. Let us know who you want to put on the Sports Radio KJR Independence Day barge by commenting below. Happy 4th of July!