It was the last day at the VMAC for The Furness Show. Puckett was back. They catch up with a few players from the secondary and get reaction from Curtis Crabtree and Doug Farrar.

Kam Chancellor, Safety (11:47)

3:10 On last practice with fans at the VMAC.

4:10 On his new contract.

4:40 On dealing with new hitting rules.

8:15 On playoff loss at Atlanta.

9:40 On the offense during training camp.

11:00 On facing Newton and Kaepernick in first two games.

Jeremy Lane
, Cornerback (9:38)

0:25 On camp so far.

1:30 What he wants to improve on.

2:15 On competing against the Seahawks receivers.

3:50 Who he watched growing up.

4:35 Showing off speed on special teams.

7:30 On his first start last year.

8:10 On the 12th man.

Curtis Crabtree, KJR Reporter (16:52)

2:00 Who’s in, who’s out?

3:00?: On James Carpenter

5:40: On first team offensive line’s performance vs. San Diego.

7:50 On John Moffitt

8:35 On whether Stephen Williams can play special teams.

9:15 On players that are cut making other teams.

11:15 On tight end position.

14:15 On Allen Bradford.

Doug Farrar, Sports Illustrated (32:10)

0:00 NFL HGH drug policy.

4:35 On Alvin Bailey.

9:10 Marshawn Lynch oddities.

13:55 Concern about tight end position. How does it impact the offense?

22:10 More read option for Seahawks?

24:45 Will Russell Wilson run more?