The Seahawks are back at the VMAC after their victory over San Diego last week. Ian catches up with Max Unger, Robert Turbin and Steven Hauschka. Also, Curtis Crabtree gives the latest updates. Doug Farrar shared his thoughts about what he saw in week 1 of the preseason around the league with the Seahawks sprinkled in.

Max Unger, Center (12:47)

1:25 On the playoff loss to Atlanta.

2:15 Why this year’s team will be better in playoffs.

3:30 On this year’s offensive line.

5:20 On Tom Cable.

7:20 On Marshawn Lynch.

7:45 On Christine Michael.

8:50 On Russell Wilson in year two.

9:45 Team handling expectations.

Robert Turbin, Running Back (10:49)

0:30 On sitting out part of training camp.

4:00 On Tom Cable.

5:10 On running backs coach Sherman Smith.

8:55 Life lessons in football.

Steven Hauschka, Kicker (12:15)

1:10 Kicking on one leg vs. Washington in the playoffs.

2:20 On handling a coach freezing the kicker.

3:05 Handling team expectations.

3:50 On getting stronger as a kicker.

5:55 Why he didn’t kick many 50+ yard field goals last year.

7:30 On competing for his spot.

9:25 Personality of punter Jon Ryan.

10:55 Does he get nervous during field goal attempts?

Curtis Crabtree, KJR Reporter (7:48)

1:05 Who’s in, who’s out?

3:50 What Carroll wants out from offense in second game.

6:15 On Moffitt/Sweezy battle.

6:40 On Tarvaris Jackson.

Doug Farrar, Sports Illustrated (19:15)

1:40 Headlines from first week of preseason.

3:40 On EJ Manuel.

7:25 On the Baltimore Ravens.

11:10 On Seahawks cutting quality players at the end of camp.

12:45 On the Arizona Cardinals.

15:45 On Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn

17:10 Carroll’s advantage by recruiting players in high school that have become unknown.