By Sports Radio KJR

The ever evolving saga concerning the Seattle, Sacramento and the future of the Kings story took another twist on Thursday.

On the day before the Maloofs set a 5pm deadline in order for the Sacramento group to deliver a back-up offer to the deal from Seattle, the league apparently wants the local Sacramento group to chip in $30 million dollars to the Seattle group.

Daniel Kaplan of Sports Business Daily, reports that the NBA has asked the local Sacramento group to hand over $30 million dollars to the Hansen/Ballmer group if the NBA rejects the Seattle deal and ultimately accepts the offer from Sacramento.

The reason the league wants that to take place is because they don't want the Hansen/Ballmer group to feel that there efforts were wasted.

Kaplan joined Ian Furness and Jason Puckett on Thursday to discuss the news and to react to the other piece of news that Kaplan delievered, that the Sacramento group will announce tomorrow that new investors will be revealed to be apart of the ownership group.

Kaplan called tomorrow's deadline an "enormous day" because if the Sacramento group can't deliever with a real proposal to the Maloofs, than the league is wasting their time by refusing the Hansen/Ballmer group if the Maloofs don't like the Sacramento deal.

However, Kaplan noted that if the money is there and the offer is on par to what Seattle has proposed, he thinks the team will end up staying in Sacramento.

Kaplan's source was "unaware" if the Hansen/Ballmer group knew about the league's request to the Sacramento group.

One interesting note in the interview was Kaplan stating that there is growing speculation that the cashy may not be there for the Sacramento group.