First of all, god bless Amanda Dufner. If you don't know who she is, she's married to PGA golfer Jason Dufner. Google a picture of him and then scratch your head on how he landed her! 

Coming up on the show today we will listen back to some key highlights from Softy's interview with Mariners General Manager Jack Zduriencik from yesterday. We'll touch on if he's satisfied as a GM.  What pieces does he want to acquire and how active will they be at the deadline? Also, how important is it that they add another pitcher because they may have Elias on an innings count. 

It is Happy Felix Day with Felix Hernandez on the mound tonight for the A.L. in the All-Star game.  Simple question for you: What does he mean to you as a Seattle sports fan?

Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times will join us at 1pm to discuss the Seahawks, as we are just a couple of weeks away from the start of training camp. Bob has done a series of blog posts recently counting down some of the key story lines as we get closer to camp. Today he addressed the back-up quarterback position. Is there really a battle between Jackson and Pryor?

Few more things we hope to get to today...Should MLB ban smokeless tobacco? Why is Pete Carroll ranked as just the #7 best head coach in the NFL via and what is more popular right now...the Sounders or Mariners?