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On Tuesday, King County Council member Reagan Dunn joined Ian Furness and Jason Puckett to discuss the possible future of the NHL, SODO Arena and the MOU.

Dunn was part of a group that recently went to a Canucks game in Vancouver to witness firsthand the operation of putting an NHL product together.


Here are the most important points from the interview:

Dunn on the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding)

"We've taken those tough votes, it's already been done. Essentially you'd be changing the technical provisions that would just allow the NHL team to come in first."

Any conflicts in changing the MOU

"I don't think so at this point. I think it's going to be a lot easier to change that (MOU) moving forward."

What about Bellevue

"Bellevue, I think, is still very much on the table. But, I think it's a minority position and that would require a whole other public process."

On the ownership groups and other cities that could accompany Seattle in NHL expansion

"We have three well qualified ownership groups. They (NHL) are also looking at Portland and Las Vegas as the other two favorite cities."

Listen to the full interview here: