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The NFL season is underway, which means fans across the world are preparing for another rugged fantasy football season. We have you covered. Fantasy football expert Brandon Funston of Yahoo! Sports made his season debut with the Furness Show and shared who he believes will win you your fantasy football league. He gives his top 10 and answers fan questions. You can listen to the full interview below:

Top 10

1.) Adrian Peterson

2.) Arian Foster

3.) LeSean McCoy

4.) Doug Martin

5.) Jamaal Charles

6.) Calvin Johnson

7.) Marshawn Lynch

8.) Ray Rice

9.) Alfred Morris

10.) C.J. Spiller

Off the Radar but Worth Considering: Dez Bryant.

Top Quarterbacks: Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees. Funston said to pick these guys in the second round in a traditional scoring league.

Fan Questions:

Question 1: Keeper league. Do I keep Aaron Rodgers or Colin Kaepernick? Answer: Rodgers.

Question 2: 4th pick in draft. Do I take Ray Rice? Answer: Take Doug Martin, LeSean McCoy or Arian Foster if one of them is available.

Question 3: When should I draft RGIII? Answer: Around the 10th best quarterback.

Question 4: 6 pts for quarterback passing TDs. Do I pick up a quarterback first round? Answer: Go with QB first round.

Question 5: What should I expect from Tavon Austin? Answer: More than 1,000 yards from scrimmage.

Question 6: Keeper league. Trent Richardson or Ray Rice? Answer: Ray Rice.

Question 7: Where should I take a tight end? Who should I take? Answer: Jimmy Graham is the top tight end. Pick him somewhere in the second round. Sleepers could be Jared Cook and Fred Davis.