On Tuesday, Washington State Athletic Director Bill Moos joined Furness and Puckett to discuss the state of college sports and whether or not we are headed to a system in which athletes will be paid. 

Moos was adamant that he would not want to see college players be paid extra. "I hope in lifetime I don't see I don't see college athletes being paid." 

Although he does not favor a system that pays players, Moos fully supports the idea of increasing the stipend for scholarships to give each athlete more money each month. 

However the sticky situation would be trying to argue that the point guard of the women's basketball team should receive the same amount of money as the quarterback of the football team. The football team is the revenue generator, not women's basketball. Eventually the men would questing the equal pay and demand more. That's something the NCAA must think about before going through with this plan. It's a plan that appears close to happening as Moos mentioned to Ian and Puck that he thinks it could happen within the year.