I'm sitting here quoting Dustin Hoffman in Hook to myself, saying "Do something intelligent!"

I don't know that this is going to be that. At all.

Different personalities use their pages for different reasons. Some are for promotion, some are for entertainment.

I can't promise I'll be entertaining, but I'll try my best. All I know is that I come to work every day and enjoy the hell out of my job, and I try and will continue to try to let that pump through me, on air and through this blog, to you, the listener. I intend to use this as an outlet to connect to the listeners of Seattle Sportsradio KJR, and as an opinion source for sports fans, but especially Seahawks fans. I'd like to hear from you all, in my email or my twitter, and hear what it is that you want to see on this page. What kind of interaction you would like from me. How I can improve your experience as a sports fan, and as a listener to Seattle Sportsradio KJR.

Because, after all, it's all about you!