By Miles Liatos  KJR Sports Radio

Seattle fans want the Sonics back now, but they may be better off wait waiting for expansion, Mitch Levy said on the show this morning.

Representatives from Seattle and Sacramento are in New York to present their proposals for the Kings. The focal binary is the prospect of moving the Kings to Seattle or keeping them in Sacramento, but expansion could become further involved in the conversation the next couple of weeks.

The NBA has not mentioned expansion as a possibility for the cities previously, but it could become one.

“[The NBA may say] ‘We’ve got two cities that are fighting tooth and nail over one of our weaker NBA franchises,” Mitch said. “And if we’ve got two communities that are willing to put billionaires in front of us … then we’d be idiots not to give both cities a team.”

Expansion is only speculative at this point. But if Sacramento’s group has an ideal proposal in place, expanding a team to Seattle could become an option. The new NBA franchise would provide a win-win situation for both cities.

“What we get for waiting, is a brand new team. Nobody’s team. A team with no history. A team that’s only ours,” Mitch said. “And there’s no hard feelings in Sacramento … There’s no kids that are crying because they lost their only professional sports franchise.”