By Miles Liatos  Sports Radio KJR

Red Bryant is more of a right tackle kind of guy. That is, Bryant likes to line up against the right tackle.

Or at least that’s how he put it as he joined Mitch this morning to talk about his role on the Seahawks defense this season. With Dan Quinn assuming the role of the new defensive coordinator, Bryant figures to line up differently this year on defense. He said instead of lining up against the tight end, he will now line up over the right tackle. Bryant had success in this alignment in 2010, his best season as a pro.

“I feel like Coach Quinn is going to put me in more situations [similar] to how I was in 2010,” he said. “I’m going to have more opportunity to be a little bit more disruptive, where if I’m not making the play, at least I’m in the backfield.”

Bryant credited Gus Bradley with being a tremendous defensive coordinator, but said he didn’t feel comfortable being placed over the tight end under Bradley’s system.

“A tight end is not like a right tackle,” Bryant said. “He’s not going to really enforce the aggressions, whereas a right tackle you have to have your mindset right all the time, and you gotta be in attack mode. So I feel like I’ll be in a better position to be in attack mode a little more this year than I was last year.”

49ers tight end Vernon Davis gave Bryant particular difficulty last year. As a tight end, he has the quickness to combat the lumbering Bryant from his defensive end position. Bryant said Davis was able to get good positioning on him in 2012.

There will be two games next year in which Bryant will be concerned with stopping Frank Gore, so Bryant will have to be ready to face the imposing ‘Niners offensive line in week two and week 14.

But he will need to be effective in those games the same way he is effective the rest of the year.

“The biggest key in stopping the 49ers running game in my opinion is getting penetration, being able to knock guys back,” Bryant said. “I know that’s easier said than done, but I know I have the ability to do it. I just gotta do it.”

It looks like Bryant will be doing it against the right tackle this year.

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