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Just when you think the M’s have figured out how to hit, they go and bat .208 in the first four games.

That’s not any reason to give up on the Mariners. Four games is a feeble sample size, but it’s concerning enough when considering the team has young bats they hope to develop. They will hope to wield their bats well as they face the White Sox in Chicago.

Larry Stone came aboard the show today and delivered his version of the highs and lows of the Mariners lineup. Justin Smoak, so far, has been low. Stone said Smoak would have been apt get off to a good start to quell fears he hasn’t improved since last season.

“I still think he could build off that good spring but if he has another rough series in Chicago it’s all going to start again, people wanting him pulled out of the lineup,” Stone said. “This is a big series for him.”

The offensive issues are less painful when looking at the rest of the league, however. While the Mariners are barely batting over .200, nine teams were batting sub-.200 by Thursday’s end. Teams just aren’t getting into the swing of things yet, Stone said.

But the Mariners are looking to swing for the fences. At least Michael Morse is. The power hitter has four home runs in four games. The performance has heightened his stock after the trade for his services this off-season.

“He’s just a hitter who has arrived … He might be one of the top five guys in baseball right now just for pure power,” Stone said.

First pitch in Chicago is 5:10 (PT) on ROOT Sports.

Listen to the full interview with Larry Stone below.