VIDEO Captures Painful Moment Playboy Photo-shoot Goes Wrong Leading Model to Sue Magazine for $500,000+

Back on March 30th, 2012, "Playboy" was hosting a golf tournament just outside of Los Angeles. And their Internet radio show, the Playboy Morning Show, was broadcasting from it live.

So the male co-host, Kevin Klein, tried a stunt where a Playboy model named Liz Dickson held a golf tee between her BUTTOCKS . . . so he could hit a golf ball off it. And he did NOT get a clean shot on the ball.

He accidentally WHACKED Liz in the butt with his driver. She ended up with a MASSIVE BRUISE on her right cheek, and says she's had quote, "pain, suffering, worry, and anxiety." So she just filed a lawsuit against Playboy Enterprises and Kevin Klein for $500,000 for punitive damages.

The suit also claims she had damage to her hip ligaments and has racked up $33,000 in medical bills so far.