• Bring back "You know Mitchy, he's a wise-ass!"


  • Following a day where Mitch or Dick play 18 holes, they must announce their score good or bad
  • Once a year, Dick & Slick get to interview Mitch's wife on-air to discuss what it's like to live with him
  • Mitch has to pronounce "ch" in amateur
  • 5 minutes in the penalty box for saying "I told you so" (Fain rule)
  • Mitch restricted from asking interview questions that are more than 10 words long
  • Mitch may not criticize Slickhawk for the comment "receivers were slow coming out of their break" if he talks about Felix having "late life on his fastball".
  • Podcast the show, that way I don't have to listen to Softy on the way home
  • Every time Mitch yawns between 6:00-6:15, he owes Slick & Dick $1
  • Mitch can't hold a grudge for longer than 10 years
  • Ban baby talk. No more "Clipsies" or "Duckies"
  • Mitch should be sent to do the 'Kittens' interviews
  • Bring back the Smoak-a-motive
  • Never talk about Michael Porter Jr. again
  • Mitch should only get 3 weeks off...not 7
  • Dating advice from Mitch & Dick to Slickhawk once a week
  • Change the name of the show to "Mitchell in the Morning"
  • Change land line requirements, land lines are now worse than cell phones
  • Bring back 'Poop Your Pants Thursday'
  • Mitch can not speak for more than one continuous minute without someone else having the opportunity to speak
  • No social media posts unless if you phone in sick
  • Morning show personalities will have the team in each sport they root for listed on their profile and they will not jump from one to another. Call it the "Fainzaga" rule
  • No more tricking the callers on 'Stump the Band'
  • Put a 90 second limit on Hugh Millen answering a question or making a comment


  • Each 'Daily Schnoz' will include a word of the day to work into conversation