Mitch in the Morning will by live from the VMAC today and tomorrow. His co-host for these two highly anticipated days will be Hugh Millen. In his first day there he brought Bobby Wagner and Golden Tate onto the show. Also, last night and this morning Mitch used his twitter to find out the top ten concerns the Seahawk fans have about the upcoming season. Check it out for the audio of the interviews and the ten questions.

Ten Concerns

10. 4th Quarter Defense

9. Back Up QB Sitation

8. LB Situation

7. Gus Bradley Out, Quinn In

6. Adderal Issue

5. Offensive Line

4. Sophomore Slump

Tune in tomorrow for the top three concerns from the Seahawk fans with Mitch in the Morning

Bobby Wagner: Mitch and Wagner talked about last years success and what he can bring this year.