From listener Shane:
Chris Hansen should still follow through with the purchase of the Sacramento Kings and then simply embarrass the NBA into righting their wrongs to Seattle.  He can accomplish this by doing the following.
1.       Immediately rename the Kings to the Seattle Sonics of Sacramento.
2.       Even though the team still plays in Sacramento, Chris can put the name Seattle Sonics on the jerseys.
3.       Release the entire roster and replace them with either HS kids or selected fans from the crowd. Thus losing each game by 200 points or more, and allowing Kobe to score 120 points in a game.
4.       Hire Isiah Thomas as head coach, with Latrell Sprewell and Dennis Rodman as assistant coaches.
5.       Raise ticket prices to double the highest place in the league
6.       Broadcast opera over the loud speakers the entire game.
7.       Not clean the stadium, allowing it to become real “funky,” especially the rest rooms.
8.       Tell the city of Sacramento that he’s willing to sell the team back to local ownership for a billion dollars.
9.       Bus the team to their road games, showing up late to most and even missing some games altogether.
10.   When the NBA tries to fine him for behavior unbecoming an owner, counter by initiating an anti-trust suit against the league.