By Robin Dich, Sports Radio KJR

According to Ryan Divish, Brad Miller has been called up from Tacoma earlier today. Some may think it is too soon for the young shortstop to be in the Major Leagues, but as a franchise you have to do something right now. Miller has made his case in AAA through his first 36 games. He has an average of .356, with 37 hits and 28 RBIs. He has been tearing the cover of the ball in Tacoma. The question is what should we expect from Brad Miller?

“First of all his stats coming up have been spectacular. Very reminiscent of Kyle Seager, that is who he is compared to a lot,” said Larry Stone.

Miller’s statistics compared to Seager’s in the minor are very similar. They’ve had the same type of path to the majors as well. If all of our prospects developed like Seager, we would have a different story to talk about this time of year, so it is refreshing to hear a comparison like that for one of our top hitting prospects. However, this doesn’t surprise Stone with how well he has produced in AAA.

“It’s not a huge surprise, just a very poised kid. I don’t think anyone has any doubts about his bat. He always gives you solid AB, but he’s made a few errors… I don’t think anyone doubts he won’t grow into that position,” described Stone.

This move isn’t to fill a spot because of injuries or to bring up an extra body on the bench. Miller is expected to have a chance to play a lot at shortstop. The Mariners need offensive production and if that means taking a little hit defensively with Brendan Ryan being on the bench, but a .200 batting average makes phenomenal defense a wash.

“[The Mariners] bring these guys up to play. They did it with Franklin, they did it with Zunino, and they’ve done it in the past with Ackley when they first came up. I will be very surprised if he doesn’t play 4 to 5 days a week,” said Stone.

This is starting to become a trend for the Mariners. Bringing up younger players as soon as possible, maybe it is too soon, but fans need something to be excited about. The Mariners have had pleasant experiences with bringing up Zunino and Franklin so far, why not Brad Miller?