By Robin Dich, Sports Radio KJR

Golden Tate can do it all, he’s an NFL wide receiver, a college baseball player at Notre Dame and can even fall asleep on airplanes. This year he will have to be even more versatile than ever for the Seattle Seahawks. He has improved immensely on his game in the past three years for the Hawks. Fans should expect Golden Tate to be in the prime of his career.

“Mentally I’ve grown a lot since my first and second year and really my third year also. I’m more comfortable, each year I get more comfortable. I can worry about less and focus on what I want to get better at,” said Tate.

His first couple of years in the league was not as easy as Tate expected. He told Mitch and Hugh things came very easy to him and coming to the NFL was a huge adjustment period.

“I thought I was going to be the man. I really did. Make a bunch of plays. I came out with the early start from OTAs, making plays all over the place… Athletically I was right there, but mentally is where I struggled,” Tate explained.

Each year his numbers in targets, receptions, yardage and touchdowns improved exponentially. One can consider last year as a breakout season for him. Although he has gotten more comfortable, there is always room for improvement. With a competitor like Tate, he won’t settle for good enough, he wants to improve in all aspects of the game.

“I’m still learning things to take care of my body, eating wise, stretching and rolling out… I’m still learning things and I’m still learning what will work for me and help me the most,” Tate told the guys.

This year the addition of Percy Harvin had people believing Tate’s role would be decreased with the offense, but that may not be the case.

“I want to be an every down guy, an every type of play guy. I want coach to say we can give Golden a slant, we are confident he can get off the line and is going to catch the ball, get the first down. We want to give Golden the in route the dagger. I want them to look my way and think yes,” said Golden.

Just like the fans Golden Tate has huge expectations for himself and the team. Today is just the start of the highly anticipated season, don’t forget KJR is live and local from the VMAC today and tomorrow for the start of Seahawks training camp.