By Miles Liatos  KJR Sports Radio

Matt Flynn could turn out to be a great quarterback in Oakland after all. But he may not be the right one for the Seahawks offense.

Hugh Millen, the former Washington Huskies and NFL quarterback, suggested the Seahawks are better off after the deal with the Oakland Raiders on Mitch in the Morning.

“I’m okay with it just because I think that the Seahawks have earned that right in terms of how they’ve managed this team,” Millen said. “I think … they’ll get a guy to replace him.”

The free agent quarterback crop may be less than desirable for the Seahawks. But there are some interesting zone read-capable quarterbacks available like Tyler Thigpen, who’s fresh off backup status in Buffalo.

The zone-read was a featured part of the Seahawks offense last year. It’s not a strategy designed for Flynn’s repertoire, a pocket passer. The continuity of the offense would have been skewed had Flynn been called upon in a pinch.

“If you’re spending X number of hours in the week … to prepare offensively to run the read-zone [and] you then turn to a backup who is incapable of running that, I think it’s almost a de facto conclusion you’re better off having a guy that can run that offense,” Millen said.

The Hawks are also saving a chunk of cap room ($3.5 million). The money can be parlayed into re-singing players, like soon-to-be free agent Kam Chancellor.

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