Cameron Rohde, Sports Radio KJR

Mike Holmgren made his weekly visit with Mitch this past Monday. Holmgren and Mitch discussed a variety of topics pertaining to Seahawks training camp including Percy Harvin’s hip.

It’s not clear to us how Harvin injured his hip, but Holmgren and Mitch speculated that it may be possible that the hip was damaged before coming to Seattle.  Holmgren gave us some background on how physicals are done for trades and free agents.

“If you are acquiring a free agent, or pursue a trade like this, the trade goes through pending the physical. What the club does in that physical depends on how much they want the player. I’m sure they did their due diligence with Harvin’s injury history. You have to get to the bottom of everything, if they find out the other club wasn’t truthful, the trade goes back.  But then you have the other thing, you really want the player; say he has a funky hip. Then you talk to the doctors … and find out what they think of the injury,” Said Holmgren.

 The Seahawks may have been taking a chance with Harvin’s hip if they knew about it when the acquisition was made. Another team that took a chance with an acquisition: the Packers with Brett Favre.

“I’ll be honest with you, when we traded for Brett Favre way back in Green Bay; he had been in a car accident and had surgery on his hip. Our doctors told us he will not play any more than five years. Ron Wolf had wanted to do the deal, and we talked about it for three weeks, and Ron decided we were going to do it anyways, “Holmgren said.

Ron Wolf and Holmgren didn’t have as much at stake with the Brett Favre acquisition as the Seahawks did with Harvin, specifically $67 million.  Schneider and Carroll may have wanted Harvin so badly that they were willing to over look the bumps and bruises.  We may never know the real story of Harvin’s hip, but as a sports fan there is nothing wrong with pondering hypotheticals.  

Check out the rest of the interview below.