Jason Puckett

New York  - To no ones surprise the NBA did not vote on the sale of the Sacramento Kings proposed sale to the Hansen/Ballmer group. 

NBA commissioner David Stern and Deputy commissioner Adam Silver addressed the media at the St. Regis hotel in New York City. 

The consensus from owners and the NBA is that they need more time to make a decision on the future of the Kings. 

One national report from Ken Berger of CBSsports.com reports that multiple owners have told him that it's "50-50" and that this decision on the Kings could go either way.

Stern was defiant at times when addressing this issue.  He denied that he is working behind the scenes on Sacramento's behalf, in fact, seemed offended when it was suggested. 

What we do know now is that we have a time frame.  Commissioner Stern said the finance and relocation committee will meet next week and will make a recommendation on the future of the team.  Then, under league rules, they must wait seven business days before taking a vote. So, working on that time frame, we are looking at the week of May 6 for an official vote on the Hansen/Ballmer deal.

At this time we do not know where the meeting will take place.   

Stern said there would certainly be a resolution before the NBA draft lottery which is scheduled for May 21. 

In a letter obtained by the Associated Press, the Maloof family firmly stands by their commitment to the Hansen group and say the differences between the two deals is significant.