Instant Reaction:   


The Seahawks offensive line looked real good.  the play of Justin Britt and James Carpenter stood out the most to me.  For the most part Seattle had a terrific surge from their line. Britt was constantly matched up against Peppers and Matthews, but neither of those guys got a sack in the game and neither really came close to Russell Wilson. 


In addition, J.R. Sweezy continued his great play from camp.  What really stands out is that this line is extremely fast and athletic…two attributes that Tom Cable loves as an offensive line coach. 


Percy Harvin Effect….We all wondered how different this offense would look with a completely healthy Harvin.  On Thursday we got a clear answer.  Harvin carried four times for 41 yards.  He was targeted seven times and had seven catches for 59 yards.  In addition, Harvin had three kick returns for 60 yards.  So in his 2014 debut, Harvin accounted for 160 total yards…I think I’ll take that.  Also, the threat of Harvin on the field opens up the middle for the running game and his presence had a lot to do with the Seahawks ability to run the ball. 


Bobby Wagner and Kam Chancellor are freaks….Wagner and Chancellor stood out the most to me on Thursday.  It was clear that Chancellor was playing the role of Jefferson from Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  He just seemed like he was playing possessed and that somebody damaged his car.  Wagner was simply everywhere on Thursday.  The speed at which Wagner plays at is stunning to watch in person.  He hardly ever gets blocked and his reaction to the play developing is  jaw dropping. 


Don’t pull the plug yet….No one has been a bigger proponent for Earl Thomas to return punts than me.  With that said, Earl needs to learn how to signal for a fair catch.  He is so excited to make a play that it clouds his better judgement.  But, just because he had one miscue lets not panic and overreact that they need to pull the plug on him as a returner.  


This team is scary…The Seahawks won by 20 over a team that is picked to win their division and be a team that challenges Seattle for the NFC Championship.  The Seahawks could have played a ton better and eliminated a number of miscues and blown this game wide open.  10 points were essentially given to the Packers because of mistakes made by the Seahawks.  This football team just took the first step toward repeating.  The final score will indicate dominance.  But, they were hardly dominant.