Eric Wedge from Jason Puckett on Vimeo.

I'm scared for Eric Wedge.  I'm sure all of the medical personnel with the team and outside the organization have done their best to inform him of the risks of returning. And in no way to I think they would allow him back in the dugout if they did not feel he was ready. 

However, it doesn't change how I feel and I'm sure how others feel upon his return. Wedge is a very likable person.  In the years covering him I have never witnessed him lose his cool with the media or anyone that works with the team. 

Baseball, and all sports are extremely stressful.  But, there is something that I feel is even more stressful with baseball and that's because it's every single day and that's an incredible grind. 

Wedge said that doctors and his family told him that he needed to take a step back and no longer be a perfectionist.  

But, it must be extremely hard and almost foreign to someone like Wedge who has lived and managed this way for his entire life.  Can someone truly change in a few months after living a lifestyle for so long? 

Wedge was quick to dismiss any worries or questions about whether he could truly change his makeup.  You see, it's pretty simple for Wedge, he either changes or suffer another stroke again.  

I'm curious and a little nervous to how Wedge is going to handle his first pressurized situation whether it's on or off the field.  I sure hope he does not fall into the same habits as before when dealing with the daily duties of being a manager.  I hope Wedge shows enough strength that if this problem shows it's face again that he can allow himself to take a step back and properly evaluate his position of baseball manager. 

But, let's all of us hope that Wedge never gets to that point.  Let's hope he has a long and successful baseball career. Wedge is truly one of the good guys in sports and he deserves every opportunity to continue to do what he loves.