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A former Seahawks offensive lineman and future Hall of Famer joins Softy to discuss his expectations for the the 2013 Seahawks squad. He also compares Shaun Alexander to Marshawn Lynch.

7:08 - Russell Wilson's early success in the NFL

7:49 - On what it would have been like to block for Marshawn Lynch

8:18 - His opinion on Shaun Alexander's legacy as a Seahawk

A KJR analyst joins Softy to preview the Seahawks Week 1 matchup with Carolina. He also discusses the potential impact of Seattle's injuries.

3:00 - On chances the Seahawks can win the Super Bowl this season

19:12 - The Seahawks are strong all over the field but where are they the best?

24:10 - On how the Seahawks can slow down Cam Newton