(UPDATE: The video that I based this article/post on has been made private on YouTube by the producer of the show. I hope they will reconsider or it will be posted again, but for now, we're kind of out of luck. - Shockey)

Kevin Shockey

I'm not one to pick fights with other media members at all, and I hope this doesn't come across as that, but Bill Wixey really blew it this morning on this one.

Before I go any further, here is what I'm talking about.

I understand the goal of entertaining people during a show that is on the air for a long time. After all, Softy, Abker, and I are on the air for 3.5 hours every day talking sports and we try to entertain people while informing and facilitating interesting conversation.

I have no problem with a show attempting humor to lighten the mood. I DO, however, have a problem with this attempt at humor for two reasons.

1 - As Seattleites, we are all keenly aware of what is going on as Chris Hansen et al. try to buy and then relocate the franchise to Seattle. This is not a small thing and we know that it can be VERY difficult for the current fans of the team that is moving. I do not expect anybody to "feel bad" for the fans in Sacramento because this is just part of how professional sports work sometimes. I do, however, hope that Seattle fans would be above the name-calling and face-rubbing as Sacramentans go through it. On Softy's show, we have been careful to make it not an "Us vs Them" thing because it is out of the fans hands. That's why we're able to have guys like Ryan Lillis, Bryan May, Rob McAllister, and (maybe most significantly) Carmichael Dave on our show.

2 - It wasn't funny! If you're going to do something like this list, you need to make sure it was funny. I have come up with LOTS of bits for the shows I produce on KJR that, when we look closer at them, just aren't very funny so we don't run them.

Our good friend, the aforementioned Carmichael Dave, is a NATIVE Sacramentan, a radio host, and a damn fine American. He has been a fun guy to follow on twitter, have on our show, and interact with through all of this stuff and he saw the video. Needless to say, he was unimpressed.

When he took a stab at it to show how it should have been done, I'd say he nailed it:

I'm still a fan of Bill Wixey and his story of battling cancer is an inspiring one. I just hope he leaves comedy to the professionals (not me, in case you were wondering) and takes the high road in the future when it comes to Seattle, Sacramento, the NBA, and the Kings.

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