Week 6 - The Numbers
To survive, the team you picked just has to win.
They do NOT have to win against the spread.

We're now down to 2,165 going into week #6!

So far ... 12 Lost, cause they chose a team they'd used already

Thursday, Oct. 10     Score
NY Giants(0) at Bears(220 SURVIVED) Bears 27-21

Sunday, Oct. 13 Time TV Favorite
Packers(1) at Ravens 10am FOX Packers by 3
Eagles(12) at Buccaneers(0) 10am FOX Pick 'em
Steelers at NY Jets(5) 10am CBS Pick 'em
Panthers at Vikings(2) 10am FOX Vikings by 2.5
Raiders at Chiefs(478) 10am CBS Chiefs by 9
Rams at Texans(104) 10am FOX Texans by 7
Bengals(68) at Bills(0) 10am CBS Bengals by 7.5
Lions(5) at Browns(2) 10am FOX Lions by 3
Titans at Seahawks(118) 1:05pm CBS Seahawks by 13.5
Jaguars at Broncos(431) 1:05pm CBS Broncos by 26.5
Saints(4) at Patriots(0) 1:25pm FOX Patriots by 3
Cardinals at 49ers(516) 1:25pm FOX 49ers by 11
Redskins at Cowboys(48) 5:30pm NBC Cowboys by 5.5

Monday, Oct. 14 Time TV Favorite
Colts(1) at Chargers(0) 5:40pm ESPN Colts by 1