From September 21st through the 29th, Mike & Kathy Holmgren volunteered with Medical Teams International as part of a 16 person work team.

  • This is Mike’s 2nd volunteer trip with MTI having been part of a work team in Oaxaca in 2009.

  • Kathy, who is registered nurse, has volunteered 9 times now with MTI traveling to places like Haiti, Uganda, Rwanda, and Oaxaca.
  • The Holmgren team worked in the community of Chitepey, Guatemala installing ventilated stoves in the homes of over 28 families.   
  • Our Stove Project:  In many rural communities in Guatemala, most families still cook inside, over open fires, making their homes so dense with smoke that it is difficult for infants and children to take a deep breath. As a result, respiratory illness is not only common, but is one of the leading causes of death among children under five in Guatemala.  In the coming year, Medical Teams International plans to install 400 stoves in this region of Guatemala so more than 2,000 people can live healthier lives.
  • Team Holmgren:   The Holmgren’s are working to bring awareness to the health needs of the world’s most vulnerable in places like Guatemala and all around the world and how Medical Teams International is making a difference.  
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