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Former Seahawks Head Coach, Mike Holmgren joined Softy to talk about Percy Harvin's injury, How vital Harvin is to the team and how long his recovery could be. He also tells us if he ever cut a guy on the first day of training camp.

0:48- On the Percy Harvin injury

3:02- On the level of disappointment he would feel depending on how Harvin got hurt

6:44- On how important Harvin is to the team

9:05- On how the locker rooms react to injuries to major players

11:02- On what coaches do during training camp after practice is over

12:52- On if he thinks the coaching staff is already thinking about how they will proceed without Harvin

20:11- On the possibility of Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas returning punts this season

24:23- On if Harvin needs to play during the preseason