Who's ready to represent each of these teams in the 2014 Mahler Millen Mock Draft?

During the Softy show (3pm-6:30pm) we'll give you an opportunity to choose one of the 32 teams.  As we have in past years, some amazing prizes on the line.

To represent a team, email KevinShockey@clearchannel.com ... tell him your "FULL" name ... your phone number ... The top 3 teams you want to represent.  Then, keep listening!!!!!

Texans   Ty Rasmussen
Rams   Joshua McFalls
Jaguars   Aaron Gowin
Browns   Ryan Pohlman
Raiders   Adam Grant
Falcons   Jerimie Dixon
Buccaneers   Andrew Deming
Vikings   Michael Williams
Bills   Andy Mack
Lions   Gus Pishue
Titans   Brett Jacobsen
Giants   Jake Bowman
Rams   Joshua McFalls
Bears   Brent De La Paz
Steelers   Michael Busick
Cowboys   Matthew Dixon
Ravens   Michael Defluri
Jets   John Glassman
Dolphins   Robert Prout
Cardinals   Jeff Norbom
Packers   Corey Campbell
Eagles   Nick Monica
Chiefs   Kyle Nelson
Bengals   Dawn Busick
Chargers   Edwin Stone
Browns   Ryan Pohlman
Saints   Jesse Shumaker
Panthers   Collin Guildner
Patriots   Lance Mcintosh
49ers   Phil Osterli
Broncos   Sean Dooley
Seahawks   Tyler Peerenboom