Like:     Ken Griffey Jr.'s Mariner Hall of Fame speech. The Kid at his finest!

Dislike:  Lou Pinella not present at SafeCo for the ceremonies. Where was he? Why was he not there? Why is no one talking about this?

Like:      Ichiro's tribute to Griffey. It was funny and well thought out. Hat to the back!

Dislike:  Ichiro not speaking english to Mariner fans. Not one time in a decade plus.

Like:     Kevin Durant returning to Seattle for the first time since the Sonics were taken from us. I loved the fact that he addressed the fans at SPU and the fans on Twitter.

Dislike:  Venoy Overton. In my opinion he did not belong there. I'm a big proponent of second chances but I just don't believe this was the right time for him to be reintroduced into the Seattle basketball scene.