Saturday is the first home preseason game for the Seahawks and the TWELVES are already in regular season mode. The game is sold out and Century Link will be ROCKIN! So to that end I thought I would do my small part to hopefully make your gameday experience smooth and enjoyable.

The NFL has incorporated a new bag policy for all stadiums in the league. There have been some dramatic changes and if you aren't aware of these changes then your Saturday evening could begin with a gigantic headache. The last thing you want to have happen is be denied entry because you have a bag/bags that are not allowed in. Having to walk back to your car to drop off a bag, or choosing to leave something at the gate would kill your buzz and keep you from doing your job as a 12th Man.

Below is a link to with the entire policy written out including diagrams and sizes of bags that are allowed into the stadium.

Kick off is at 7:00pm. Hopefully you are all in your seats before kickoff!

Enjoy the game and GO Hawks!