The article below has been written in the style of Chopper 950, SNL-esque if you will and does not reflect the opinion of Sports Radio KJR, it's management or employee.Just one man's opinion as they say.

Ailene Voisin of the Sacramento Bee has called Chris Hansen a bully. She has also referred to his latest financial chess move as "scummy and dirty, over the top and down in the gutter." I say let's give Ailene a break. Simply put, I believe Voisin had some psychological scabs from her adolescence ripped open. After all, looking like a cross between Richie Sambora and Eddie Van Halen (circa 1984) couldn't have been an easy way to live for a teenage girl. I'm sure the gawky walk down the hallway on her way to AP English wasn't pleasant. A walk that likely prompted professional teenage bullies to surface like Killer Whales on a seal hunt. Name calling, book dumping, lunch stealing bullies have loaded down this now semi-successful columnist with emotional baggage. Staring down the barrel of competitive capitalism, I can see how it might be tough for Voisin to distinguish the difference between a shrewd businessman using strategy and past successes (straight cash homey) to make yet another triumphant deal, and a common place toy stealing playground bully coming to push you off the swing. Finding herself once again outside the winner circle has conjured flashbacks of "Nam" sized proportions. She is quick to fight back and call foul akin to Mayor KJ and his reputation in the NBA as a whiner when things didn't go his way.

Let me just take a quick moment to remind Voisin while we all appreciate her vigilance as the lead scout on the neighborhood bully watch committee, history shows this country was built on exactly what Chris Hansen and Steve Ballmer are doing. Ask yourself if your Sacramento investment group has clean hands or if they have just been sanitized after being plunged elbow deep (like a Vince Carter jam) into the world of dog eat dog business. This is the world they live in. Typically, one doesn't become a billionaire businessman by sitting idly by while his competition tries to take what he wants.

Hansen and Ballmer had/have a binding agreement with the Maloofs. KJ was late to the game but made some business moves, got a group together and entered the arena. Hansen and Ballmer have simply countered with a full court press late in the fourth quarter; well within the rules of this game we call business.

To Ms/Mrs. Voisin I would suggest that maybe a columnist using her platform to discredit heroes, businessmen and philanthropists such as Chris Hansen and Steve Ballmer is the true bully.

Who's playing to win now?

Brian Abker