It's no secret that Century Link is known as the loudest stadium in the NFL. The 12th Man has earned their title affecting games with their lungs. Ask the NY Giants and their 11 false start penalties how loud the 12th Man is. The New Orleans Saints tried to hide under the nearest doorway (or vacant helmet) during Beastquake. How loud do you have to be to cause an earthquake? 12th Man loud is the answer to that question. We have heard how insanely loud the 12th Man is from; players on our own team, free agents who have signed here and stated they couldn't wait to play for and in front of this crowd, opponents, national broadcasters and opposing fans who have made the road trip to support their team (more than likely)in defeat. An NFL team doesn't go 8-0 at home without the support of fan base like the 12th Man. The question I have for the 12's is, can you and will you be even better this season?

As fans we expect even our best players to improve each off-season, hell each game. In a year where the Seahawks are favored by many to go to the Super Bowl and the Hawk hype is at an all time high, I guarantee you this team is not resting on what they have done in the past and what people THINK they will do. They try to improve everyday and feel the need to prove something every snap, and so should the 12th Man.

Saturday will be the first chance since the Seahawk's 20-13 win over the Rams on December 30th to prove that you are the most intimidating fan base in the league. To any ordinary fan base Saturday's old AFC West rivalry would be "just" a preseason game. Not so for the 12th Man. This is an opportunity for 12’s to once again establish dominance. This is an opportunity to let this team know that you are everything they remember from previous seasons and more. This is an opportunity to practice your ear piercing yells when the Broncos are in the huddle calling a play on 3rd and short. How is your stamina 12's? Will you have the wind to come out and be as great in the second half as you were in the first half? Will you have the focus and intent to cheer like it’s the playoffs, knowing full well that this game counts only in the pride column?

Put the nation on notice 12th Man. Let them know it's football season and you are the best in the NFL all the time; pre-season, regular season and the playoffs! Show them there is no doubt that you will break the record for the loudest crowd roar on September 15th against the hated 49ers. There are players on this team who may never play in the league after the preseason that deserve to walk away with the memory of how loud you cheered for them.

TWELVES, as amazing as you have been season after season, you can be better. Show up and show out in pre-season. In the vein of Russell Wilson, don't be afraid to be great!

Go Hawks!