Head Coach David Shaw of the Stanford Cardinal speaks with head coach Steve Sarkisian of the Washington Huskies after their game on October 5, 2013 (Photo: Getty Images)

With all of the back and forth concerning Washington and Stanford, Steve Sarkisian and David Shaw, this is a comprehensive  breakdown of everything that was said from Saturday night through Tuesday.

Saturday night: Huskies Post-Game Interview.

Coach Sarkisian is asked by Bob Rondeau and Damon Huard about the apparent faking of injuries (there is a small gap without audio that takes out Bob's question but not any of Sarkisian's answer).


Monday night: Coach Sarkisian Show.

At his weekly coach show from the Ram in the University Village, Bob Rondeau and Elise Woodward asked again about the topic.


Tuesday Afternoon: PAC-12 Teleconference

Stanford Coach David Shaw starts the weekly teleconference with a statement on the Washington situation and then takes a few questions (the questions and answers not related to the injuries (or the replay for interest's sake) have been taken out.


After Shaw spoke, Steve Sarkisian joined the teleconference and was asked about the situation and David Shaw's quotes.


That's all of the audio you need to understand what's going on. Now for some possible video evidence to the contrary of David Shaw:

From 2010, possible injury faking by Stanford against Oregon. Jim Harbaugh was the Stanford Head Coach and David Shaw was the Offensive Coordinator.

Now from Saturday Night's game:

Now that you have the facts, the statements from the coaches, and some video evidence what do you think? Vote in the polls below:

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