If you are looking for something to do for Seahawks away games this year, well, I have the place and places for you. 

Every road game this year I will be at one of the Great American Casinos locations to watch the game.  We'll be giving away a ton of prizes during the game and we have great food and drink specials! 

But, the truly best part, is that we are giving away two trips for two to the Big Game (it rhymes with Looper and Mole) in the Big Apple this upcomgin Febuary.  The giveaway includes game tickets, airfare, hotel for two.  You must attend one of the venues and get a players card to be eligible to win. 

There are three great locations that I'll be out throughout the season, Tukwila, Lakewood and Everett. 

Below are the times, dates and locations:

September 8th @ Panthers 10am - Tukwila 

September 29th @ Houston 10am - Lakewood 

October 6th @ Colts 10am - Everett 

October 17th @Arizona (Thursday night) 5:15pm - Tukwila 

October 28th @St. Louis (Monday Night) 5:40pm - Lakewood 

November 10th @ Atlanta 10am - Tukwila 

December 8th @ 49ers 1:25pm - Everett 

December 15th @Giants  10am - Tukwila