Wide receiver Paul Richardson #6 of the Colorado Buffaloes runs with the football after a reception during the college football game against the Arizona State Sun Devils at Sun Devil Stadium on October 12, 2013 in Tempe, Arizona. The Sun Devils defeated the Buffaloes 54-13. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

by Curtis Crabtree
KJR reporter
Twitter: @Curtis_Crabtree

RENTON - With their first two draft picks in the rear-view mirror, Seattle Seahawks general manager John Schneider and head coach Pete Carroll addressed the media regarding their first day of selections.

Seattle selected Colorado WR Paul Richardson and Missouri OT Justin Britt with their two picks in the second round of the draft.

The following is the transcript of Schneider and Carroll's press conference to talk about the two selections:

JS (On his move trading down a pick…) “Last night when we ended we had to have a name ready in New York and it was Paul Richardson’s name. So we were really excited to be able to go back again today. I give our pro staff and all of our scouts and everybody just a ton of credit to have the patience to hang in there and try to identify where he would be taken. He was too rare for us to pass up. I think he had 184 targets and three drops. He’s incredibly fast, explosive, can play inside and outside. I’m sure you guys had heard about it already. We’re really excited about that. To come back at the end of the round and grab an offensive tackle because there was going to be a run on offensive tackles, and then there was going to be a fairly big drop off there. So we needed to grab one as soon as we could.”

PC (On what does he like about Paul Richardson…) “I like a lot about him. We’re really excited that this happened, and we’ve been watching it the whole time hoping we could get there. He’s got great qualities. His speed is extraordinary. He has the terrific hands and a great catching range, he’s really got characteristics like the guys that have been successful for us. He’s got quickness kind of like Doug Baldwin, he’s got speed kind of like Percy Harvin, and he has that catching range kind of like Jermaine Kearse so we just felt really comfortable with his style of play. I see him as a route runner. He’s an outside guy for us, a guy that can really get in and out of his breaks and he’s got great stuff. We’re really excited about this pick.” JS “He’s just really explosive. I think his averages scores are from about 40 yards, 40.05 or something like that so he’s a big play guy.”

JS (On how tough was the waiting game to drop down twice…) “When Philadelphia moved up, Scott Fitterer looked at me and was like okay let’s not trade anymore. He’s like let’s not trade anymore right/ I’m like yeah that’s cool, let’s just pick the guy. You knew it was going to be right in there somewhere, plus he was really quiet, until this morning when we flipped on the television and Curtis Conway has him up there. I’m like c’mon man.”

JS (On having as many picks tomorrow as he came into the draft with…) “Yeah we feel blessed in that regard. We’re ready to go to work, we’re ready to start picking good players for our system and four our coaching staff to work with.”

PC (On if Paul fits the mode of a guy with unique attributes…) “He absolutely does. I really think he’s the guy with the best quickness in and out of his breaks and that explosive down the field strike ability. It’s just an exciting guy to bring to camp to add to our team. I think our guys will take to him, he’s a really good kid, and he’s really pumped up about this opportunity. We’ll see where we could fit him in.”

PC (On if there is any concern about his size…) “That’s an interesting question. How big is Doug Baldwin, how big is Percy Harvin, he’s just like our guys. I know that there is some concern about that or whatever. We love the way our guys play with the productivity and the effect that they have so we didn’t have any problem with that at all. We love how fast he is.”

PC (On if he spent any recruiting time with him…) “No because we just kind of missed. He was on the radar, but we just kind of missed. You can imagine he was there with some pretty good players at his high school. They were a great school of receivers at the time.”

PC (On him  having success with big receivers while he was at USC and now him having success with some smaller guys here and how has that happened…) “It really all depends on the player. We love big guys. John and I both we have a real feeling for the big receiver, but that doesn’t mean we’ll find the right guy. We looked and we’ve even tried if you look at what we’ve done over the years. We still feel that way, but again it always goes back to us looking for the unique qualities and you can’t make a little guy a big guy, and sometimes you can’t make a big guy fast enough to play. We’re not going to force that and we’re really going after those qualities that we can do something with. We’re always looking though.” JS “If it’s going to be a leaner guy like this it has to be a guy that attacks the ball and plays in competitive tight spots, and this guy does that. He has broad shoulders, he’s a lean guy, but his length is really nice. With that basketball conversion he ends up being a 6’4” catching radius guy. I don’t know if you’re in to fast guys.”

JS (On if he was lost a little bit because of the coaching changes that Colorado went through during his tenure…) “Yeah he tore his ACL too. He transferred from UCLA because of an issue he had there. They struggled there, and he was kind of their guy. He scored ten times this year coming off of the ACL and just showed a ton of grit. He was captain of their team, and had the opportunity to kind of throw a lot of people under the bus and didn’t do that so we really respected that in him too.”

JS (On if having players meeting with the team psychologist is something that they have always done…) “No. In this regard they both live in LA so it was an easy deal for us. He had spent some time with him at the combine and we were like we wanted to spend some more time with him and try to find out if he was as gritty as we thought he was and as tough as we thought he was and all of that.”

JS (On him being a dominate receiver in an inconsistent offense and how does that affect the way that you look at him…) “He really just carried their offense so I think for a wide receiver it’s a huge attribute.”

JS (On why did he choose not to meet with him at the combine…) “You have to just pick a certain amount of guys to interview. There are certain guys that you need to get specific questions answered, and at the time he wasn’t one of those guys. It was one of those deals where we had other people meeting with him, he just didn’t have like a room interview with us. Our coaches met with him and our psychologist met with him and stuff like that.”

PC (On if it is important with a guy like this not to put too much on him at once…) “We’ll do that in really the typical fashion that we do it. Again you probably heard me say this, with the young guys we want them to play right away, we want to get them out there. So we’re not going to ask him to do too much. We’re going to make sure he’s comfortable with what we’re asking. Now he’s capable, he can run all of the routes, he’s a downfield receiver and he can get open in small areas too. So I don’t see any restrictions on that, but we always want to kind of keep the stuff we’re asking to a minimum so that he can really show what he does well. Like I said, there’s no hesitation for us to cut it loose with him. I think he gets it, he understands it, he’s a smart kid, but we will take that into account.”

JS (On if he is a possible punt return option for them…) “He’ll get a look, but he hasn’t done it because he’s been their whole team, I shouldn’t say their whole team, but their whole offense so they were kind of afraid to put him out there, but he said he’s been practicing.” PC “He says he wants to do that.”

PC (On Tom Cable speaking on Justin Britt’s unique characteristics…) “Yeah he’s another really tough kid. He’s got a really good attitude. I love his mentality for playing the position. Tom probably told you that we want to give him a shot at right tackle and let the competition just play it out. He’s got all of the qualities of a big long, strong tough guy. He’s 325 pounds. He’s going to fit in just right. This will just come down to opportunity, and he’s going to get it, and we’ll see how it works out. It’ll make Michael Bowie stretch it and that’s the whole idea and it will certainly help us.”

PC (On the position Justin Britt will be playing…) “As we looked at him we think that’s a better spot for him, but we know he can play both which is really an asset so we’re happy with that.”

JS (On what did he learn from the process of picking John Moffitt and James Carpenter a couple of years ago…) “Wow. Those guys are just completely different individuals, and it was a lockout year so that one is pretty tough. Those guys came in, they were definitely huge voids that we needed to have filled that year. I think that’s a very hard question to answer because of the situation that they were put in. In this regard, this is a guy that’s going to have a whole summer, he’s going to have a lot more time, and yeah he’s just a guy with a lot of values. Where he’s from, the way he was raised, he was raised in the right way. He’s already married, he’s a pretty mature guy. He’s a state champion wrestler. He has a really cool makeup about him.”

JS (On the style of player Justin Britt is in compared to James Carpenter…) “Yeah they’re totally different players. This guy is a really good angles players, a technician, like Pete was saying he’s played both sides, he’s got really good balance, really good hips. He just plays a real sound steady game and he finishes blocks. He’s just different than Carp. Carp was a big, thick, road raiding dude.”

JS (On if Detroit was a team that they had been talking to a lot or did that deal just come together last minute…) “Yeah it kind of came up right at the start of the second round, a couple picks in.”

JS (On if there has been a big change philosophically in the way they’re approaching their picks…) “I would say at the top there was no change. When we got to Britt there was discussion definitely, but we were comparing other positions, and the drop off was too big. There’s just too big of a gap, on our board, at offensive tackle right now. So we were like we have to grab this guy, and sure enough I think Morgan Moses went right after him and somebody else went right in there too. You saw the rest of them kind of come off.”

JS (On how big is this third day for them…) “The third day is a blast for us. Pete loves the rookie free agency part. We all do. I say that because the recruiting thing is pretty fun. For the scouts and all of the guys and the coaches have put so much time into that if you’re able to move back a little bit and garner a pick or two or three or four, it’s really a good opportunity to just sit there and try to find those unique fits in guys that’ll compete and push guys that are at a current position or guys that are going to be free agents the following year. So you just try to find unique guys to fit those spots.”

PC (On if there was one play that stood out on Paul Richardson’s film…) “I don’t think so. I think he had a ton of great plays. He had all kinds of things that he did. He had guys hanging all over him, big speed plays where he’s leaving everybody, plays where he catches and runs with it and leaves the pursuit behind. He has really nice catching range with demonstration of guys all around down by the goal line. We saw everything that we needed to see, it was a really, really complete evaluation of the kinds of things that we were looking for on a tape.” JS “One of the things that really stands out about him is when you just watch him get off the ball. You see his frame and you think you’re going to see a guy getting knocked around, but he’s incredibly shifty and sudden, and then he has long arms and really quick hands. He can just put his foot in the ground and get up field. Once he’s running, he’s running really fast.”

PC (On if Justin Britt has any qualities that will allow them to put him at guard if needed…) “Yeah I think. That wouldn’t be a problem. We think he can do that. For him just to have the flexibility to play right side and left side is enough to tell you that he can play guard if we needed him too. We really need this competition at tackle, in particularly the right side, but I see no restriction in his flexibility at all.”

JS (On Paul Richardson’s 4.28 forty and what gave them the confidence that he would last to pick 45…) “He was really quiet. People weren’t talking about him. Like everybody talked about, he’s a leaner dude so you have to get into his game and Matt Berry did a great job at staying in touch with him and tracking his weight and tracking his development. When he ran that it was his first day at his workout facility wherever he was working out.” PC “It’s pretty common and you’ll here so much about everybody looking for the bigger receiver, and the question already came up and that’s good. I think that’s pretty well accepted that that’s what everyone is doing. If you look at the list of great receivers that are in this guy’s profile, it’s an enormous history of guys that have been really, really affective. It’s one of those deals again where it’s kind of standard, okay let’s get the big guys, but we don’t think that way. We took a really fast cool kid in this pick and we’re thrilled about it. You hear that stuff so you wonder, and I think maybe the league feels like that because they gave us a chance to get him and we’re really lucky to get him done.”

PC (On what kind of advantages do you have when a defense has to account for a 4.3 guy…) “It’s really a factor for everyone in the receiving core. It’s not just for that guy. The thought there is to make room for other guys because you have to account for him. You have to get out or he’ll run right by you and score a touchdown. This is the kind of guy that you’re looking for down the field all of the time so defenses have to account for that and it just creates better spaces for linebackers and better openings for things like that for the other guys. Percy Harvin and Doug Baldwin are going to reap the benefits of having another really fast guy out there, whether he’s catching the ball or not. I think he’ll really be a nice compliment to the way they play.”

PC (On Russell Okung…) “He’s coming back from a foot surgery so he’s not working with us, he’s conditioning as he can right now. It’s going to be a while before we get him back, about camp time. There was really stuff that needed to be done. It gives Alvin Bailey great opportunity for real quality reps with the first group, and it’ll help other guys with opportunities as well. Russell will be fine and it’s something that we had to do after the season was over. He had a few things and so we’ve taken care of it.”

PC (On if he’ll be back during training camp…) “I don’t want to nail that one, but I would think. We know we’ll have him back for training camp, but maybe sooner than that.”

JS (On Paul’s incident at UCLA…) “Yeah I’m glad there wasn’t twitter and cell phones when I was in college. He made a mistake right when he got to UCLA. He admitted his mistake and has moved on. Everybody at Colorado speaks incredibly high of him. They love his competitiveness and he just seems like our kind of guy.”

PC (On letting Paul know his role in the offense…) “That’s not even a factor. He’s coming out here trying to make this club and make a spot for himself. What happened in the past just showed who he was and what kind of player he was, but it doesn’t have anything to do with it. He’s not geared that he’s got to be the guy to be an effective player. He’s ready to go, he’ll come out competing and will fit in, as will all of the guys. I don’t think that’s an issue at all.”

(On the grit and competitiveness of the receivers in this locker room…) “Yeah it certainly is. Hopefully that continues to be a hallmark of our program that we have to battle every day.”