Wide receiver Anquan Boldin #81 of the San Francisco 49ers makes a 26-yard touchdown catch against free safety Earl Thomas #29 of the Seattle Seahawks in the third quarter during the 2014 NFC Championship at CenturyLink Field on January 19, 2014 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

FS Earl Thomas

(On where does his relentless effort originate from…) “I think it’s really enjoying the moment, really taking everything around you and really seeing it for what it is. Even if it’s in walk-thru I always say, it doesn’t matter what situation it is, we understand how to win and we understand how to lead and God sees that.”

(On if he ever imagined playing in the Super Bowl…) “No. As a little kid, I was just grateful for what I had because we didn’t have that much. So I was just excited to be watching the game with my father. I saw how much he loved the game and that’s how I started loving the game so much. But I was just talking to Michael Irvin outside, I had little cassette tapes of him and Emmitt Smith and Troy Aikman in those Daisy Duke shorts back in the day and I was in my little room, trying to do what they were doing. It was great to just see him. This is all just a blessing – all the gifts and stuff and everybody is telling you what a great job… you know, I’ve never been this situation before, but it’s a humbling experience and I’m definitely enjoying it and also it’s making me evolve as a player, on and off the field. So it’s just been an exciting time for me.”

(On how he’s evolved as a player on and off the field…) “It’s just coming natural. I’m really thinking about it. Every day is something new that I just kind of noticed and I kind of take it and that’s how I live life. I kind of wake up in the morning happy for the opportunity just for what’s coming up. That’s just me.”

(On if he’s ever met Michael Irvin before…) “No. I told him. I gave him a hard time. I saw him on TV a couple of times. He went from saying how the Legion of Boom wasn’t all that until now, he’s on the highlight tape talking about, this is the Legion of Boom. So you really take all that in and see, we came from the bottom, we’re at a good place physically, mentally, spiritually. It’s just great.”

(On his relationship with Kam Chancellor…) “I think we’ve done great. I think we’re the best tandem in the league right now just because the chemistry, the connection we have and I think it all started when I put my pride to the side and said, this guy is just as good as me. So why not open up to him and tell him all of me? Tell him like, man. If you see me doing this, please let me know. Please let me know because on game day, I definitely don’t want to be in that position to hurt the team. So when you really are humble about the situation and really let guys into your world, good stuff like that happens. It’s a respect factor.”

(On if he had that chemistry his rookie year…) “Yeah we always have talked about changing Seattle. We came in as competitors young and probably dumb but at the same time, we understood that we could make a change and it’s definitely panned out for us.”

(On how the Seahawks will game plan a counter attack the Broncos’ offensive scheme…) “Well that’s how teams want to attack us now. They don’t want our big corners to press, they don’t want us mess up the timing. So they’re getting in condensed formations, hanger formations, bunch formations, but we know that. We understand how teams want to attack us and that’s the beauty of it. That’s why I love meetings and that’s why I love game planning because you’re really getting all you need for the test and when you get out there on Sundays, you’re going to get an A.”

(On what he’s noticed about the Broncos’ offense on game film…) “Well I’m just happy it’s a pass attack. The 49ers are going to run the ball, run the ball. It’s hard when you’re the free safety. You want to get involved; you want to get around the ball. So this is definitely a great game. That’s what I thought first of all and like I said, the game planning and preparation always take care of yourself.”

(On if there will be an effect on him if the Super Bowl airs on Monday instead of Sunday…) “I don’t care. I’m just happy to be in the Super Bowl. I don’t care where we play. I know when we play, all the feelings and the stuff I need to get ready and prepare, it’ll be there.”

(On how he prepares to balance enjoying the moment and focusing on the game itself…) “I’m just doing what I’ve been doing all season. I haven’t changed just because we’re in the Super Bowl. I haven’t made anything up. I’m going to stay true to who I am, I’m going to keep preparing like I am and whatever happens, this is a new experience. I haven’t been there before. Its surreal, it’s like a dream. So anything that comes, it just comes. I’m just going to adapt to it.”

(On if it makes a difference that no one on the Seahawks’ roster has been to the Super Bowl…) “Football is football. The thing I like about this stage is it’s just you. I love playing in front of all the cameras and everybody is watching, they get to see your talent, you get to show who you are all about, and also be the best teammate possible while doing that. So this a great chance individually and as far as team.”

(On if he believes that the number one offense has an edge over the number one defense…) “I don’t want to slide into no trouble or nothing like that, but it’s all about us. I don’t really put anybody on the same plane or whatever. I don’t want to take it out of context. But it’s all about us and we know what we have to do to win. We know how to win. We’re going to run and hit and have fun.”

(On if there’s an advantage for an offense being proactive what they’re doing and the defense being reactive…) “I think the biggest thing about us is we have principles, we have guidelines and rules no matter what you do to us. So they give us the ability to adapt to whatever you want to throw at us. That’s why I like this defense.”

(On what problems Percy Harvin creates for an opposing defense…) “Obviously he’s a deep threat and you have to take into the fact of if they throw him a quick screen, he makes one guy miss and he’s out. You see him in that one game he had against Minnesota, his own team, you see how much he brought everybody up to their feet, one player. Can just energize the whole stadium and also me being a player and just being there, it gave me a lift when you see a guy that explosive. I think he looks like me on offense. He’s playing faster than everybody out there. It’s fun to watch.”

(On if Harvin be returning kicks if he is cleared to play…) “I kind of stay in my bubble and practice. I don’t know.”

(On Coach Carroll’s message to the team…) “He hasn’t changed. He hasn’t changed anything about him. The only thing that he’s really been stressing is preparation and eliminating distractions because you know you have a lot of family members hitting you up with tickets, they’re getting mad at you, some crazy text messages back and forth. But once you eliminate that you take care of during the week when we get to New York, it won’t happen for us. So that’s it.”

(On if Coach Carroll is really excited about the opportunity…) “Yes and he’s doing a great job of hiding it, but I know Coach Carroll. He’s a competitor. He always wants to be the best, his central theme is to compete, and as a competitor, you want to be the best and win the Super Bowl. When you win that Super Bowl, you seem like you’re the best just for that year. But can you do it again? That’s what I ask myself. Can you do it again? Can you keep doing it again?”

(On if the defense pays attention to Peyton Manning’s calls or do they just line up…) “It’s best to just line up and do what you do. You can’t be a genie and think what he’s thinking. Obviously, you don’t know what’s coming. That’s why you just be ready for anything. Have the ability to think principle ball, why are you out there, why everything is going on and the game is slowed down.”

(On Peyton Manning and what he’s seen from him on offense…) “He’s seen so much football. He knows what you’re in. It’s a reason why—some of them (his audibles) are phantom—but it’s a reason why he’s able to communicate so well to his offense and put his guys in the best spots possible. So we know that and also it just comes down to know when a receiver catches the ball, you’ve got to tackle them immediately. When we have our chance to put pressure in front of them, we’ve got to get to him and frustrate him. But then I think that we’ll be okay.”

(On how much fun he is having with his website…) “I’m having a great time. Just to see your words because I know when I get up here I talk fast and stuff like that. Sometimes I don’t even hear what I’m saying. So just to see it, some of the stuff I say is powerful.”

(On if he will offer free safety advice in New York…) “No. I don’t know. I don’t even have any safety advice for myself right now as far as New York. I haven’t been there in this situation like I said before, but the safety advice stays in Seattle.”

(On if he has communicated with Brandon Browner…) “Well I check on him all the time. That’s still my brother. He has shared blood just like everybody else on this team. You never forget the guys that you sweated with and had so many good times and a guy that you love like a brother, you always check on him. Of course he wants to be a part of this. He knows this team is special because he was on it, but we don’t throw that in his face. We just kind of put that chip on our shoulders and we’re playing for him right now and everybody, from Coach Richard, we always talk about how much we miss him and how much we wish he was here.”

(On how important it is for him that Coach Carroll allows the players to be themselves…) “It’s very important because I don’t think it puts boundaries on how far you can make it as a player. You just assure them. I love what he has done. I don’t care about him taking the light away from people, but that’s what you do. You just go for it. You don’t let anything back and that’s what Coach Carroll lets us do.”

(On Coach Carroll’s coaching style different from his former football coaches…) “Well every level, it’s a different way of evolving. We were young boys in high school, still kind of young boys in college, but in my case, I’m still a young man because I’m 24. But, other guys come into the league a lot older. So we’re grown, you got to let us do us.”