Defensive line coach Dan Quinn talks with defensive tackle Brandon Mebane #92 of the Seattle Seahawks as they face the Denver Broncos at INVESCO Field at Mile High on September 19, 2010 in Denver, Colorado The Broncos defeated the Seahawks 31-14.. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Defensive Coordinator Dan Quinn

(On if he expects the Saints to make adjustments to their game plan based on their last performance against the Seahawks…) “When you look through their whole body work, this is a really good team and somebody that we hold in really high regard; the system, the quarterback, the featured players. So we know we’re in for one heck of a fight and that’s our mind set going in. We looked at certainly the game so we can get a chance to study what they do, what we do, but through the course of it, there are some terrific players there and the scheme and the match ups. So we couldn’t be more fired up to get started with them.”

(On the success of their coverage scheme against the Saints…) “I think that’s one of the big things for us and we talk about explosive plays as one of the things that we know is important for us to win is explosive plays and for us having our chance to get on the ball. So just really more part of our principles in terms of the way we play three deep and staying on top. Really, from a technique standpoint, is something that we talk about a great deal of the time, but eliminating explosive plays against a team like that, who certainly is one of the top two or three in terms of explosive passes, that’s the challenge and that’s one of the awesome parts about coaching in the NFL. The different schemes, the different match ups, you guys have heard me say that before but this is another one of those weeks that you’ve got some featured guys and match ups and it’s one of the best parts about coaching against them.”

(On the challenge of keeping your base defense and making adjustments to a defense in order to be less predictable…) “I think that’s a good balance. The way that we look at our stuff, we’re not a whole lot different from when we started this season in terms of what we like to play to where we’re at now. How good can we play that technique, how sharp can we get at it and one of the things that we like to do is, ‘Alright. Can they deal with us and the way that we play and the style that we play?’ So although it isn’t lot of different things, we just try to play it in it our style really, really hard.”

(On if he expects the Saints to make adjustments or if he expects the Saints to keep their base stuff and try to do it better…) “They’ve got a huge playbook. When you study through all of the 17 games now, you know that there’s a lot of what they do. So for us and the challenge in the game, what are things that they’re trying to feature in this ball game? We certainly know who their featured players are. So that’s really the challenge as we go through, knowing that they’ve got a big group and they can play a lot of different personnel. So for us, we have a sense of what they like to do and now it’s up to us to let’s go execute.”

(On if he gets fired up when forming a game plan against Sean Payton’s playbook…) “No,  just that each week, there’s different stuff. It’s not hard to get me fired up to begin with. Yeah. But it’s really every week and like I’ve said before, it’s one of the very best parts about coaching in the NFL is going against different coaches, different featured players, and it’s something that you love and it’s those challenges week in and week out that, ‘Okay. Let’s make sure… we’ve got to recognize their stuff’ but at the same time, in our program and in our system, having them deal with us and the style that we play.”

(On Bobby Wagner and the run defense and the Saints run offense…) “From a number standpoint the Saints have been running more. Bobby Wagner is instrumental in what we do, and in the run game you really have sense that there’s even another level to go to from understanding in terms of the technique and what we want to play. That’s really the constant challenge that we put on the guys. Can you get better again? Can you now work your skills even harder? So he’s one of the players that we’ve recognized as a guy, can he take it up to even another spot and keep working and keep working. That’s kind of one of the fun parts about this group. Here are the things that we’re doing well, here are the things that we need to continue to work on, and that was one for him that we tried to identify to say can you pick it up and get even sharper in that area and he certainly has.”

(On the challenges of covering Jimmy Graham…) “With Jimmy who is certainly a feature player for them and for us we know that we’re probably best and at our best when we have a variety of people that will matchup and play on him. Sometimes man to man and sometimes zone. So for us it’s not just going not be one player that will take that job on, it’ll be a variety of guys in the way that we play our coverage and our style. We certainly have a lot of regard for him and it wouldn’t be one man that would do it.”

(On how is Jimmy Graham different from the other good tight ends that he has faced…) “I guess the length. He has a big catching radius where he can make plays down low, up high and so that would be it. sometimes there is a tight end like Vernon Davis where it’s the speed that is the big element to it, or for a guy like Jimmy who is a terrific route runner and then he has the catching radius to go up and catch it at a number of different spots. I think those are the different challenges with different tight ends. Some guys want to bully and put their body on you and push away; he’s one that really utilizes his athletic ability and we know he can get down on the field and run. For a matchup for us it’s one we’re really studying and looking forward to.”

(On how important is Earl Thomas back there, especially against the Saints who like to attack the seams…) “He’s critical for us. He has such a discipline about him in the way that he wants to play his technique, and he’s one of the guys that I most admire on our team just by the way that he works at his job. You see it in walk thru, you see it in practice, and it totally carries over into the game in terms of the style and attitude that he brings to our defense. He’s a critical member for our unit.”

(On his name being out there for head coaching opportunities…) “It was an experience to go through something that I was fired up to do, and it was nice that it kind of happened during the time that we were down so I couldn’t be more fired up to have that chance, but now it’s back to it and get a chance to talk about the game and moving forward. It was a good experience and I’m ready to rock here moving forward.”

(On how do you balance interviewing for jobs and preparing for a playoff game…) “I think really from the coaching side of it, those are some of the things that you do during your downtime or your offseason to have yourself prepared. If just such an opportunity comes about you’re really not spending a lot of time preparing for it. My job and my focus are here on our club with our team. In that way it wasn’t a challenge to prepare in that way.”

(On if he was surprised at how well the Saints were able to run the ball against the Eagles…) “Not necessarily. When you look at their featured runners, they really have some excellent running backs, and even though Pierre Thomas was not a part of that game, when you look through their whole body of work there is some terrific guys. So we know what their run game is and what it has been all the way through the season from the past so we have high regard for the way, and especially the style of the runners they have. I thought they played with toughness and could finish their runs so they’re guys that certainly have our respect.”