visionhouseI was watching the news over the holidays and I saw a story on KING 5 about a King County homeless organization facing a $75,000 shortfall, which meant they would be forced to cut programs and lay off staff if they didn’t get that money.

I contacted them immediately and I’m happy top say I was too late. They had already received the donations they needed to survive.

Now, homelessness has not been fixed yet, so we thought we should invite them so that our audience can meet them and help them and hopefully, by the end of 2017 they can close their budget with a surplus.

The organization I’m talking about is Vision House. They’ve been helping homeless families in the area for more than 25 years, and guess what? They completely rely on donations from people like you to do their work.

We were recently joined by Vision House's Executive Director, Melissa Gehrig, and their Development Manager Venetia Vango.

Check out our talk here...